NOW Camp is the highlight at CYC. It's where we experience fun, fellowship, life-change and faith. It’s a week jam-packed with swimming, go-carts, rock climbing, paddleboats, and just hanging out with friends!

But believe it or not, those aren’t the memories that the teens will talk about the most. They talk about how their eyes were opened to God’s will for their lives, how they learned to trust Him, and what it felt like to know God loves them. This isn’t just another check on a teen’s summer to do list, it’s a “God encounter”, and we want to make sure our students have a chance to experience it!


For more information about NOW Camp, you can check out their website at


Now Youth Camp is in Alvin, Texas. The dates of the camp will be July 12th-16th.

We will only be taking 50 people on this trip, and spots will be taken quickly!

Meet at the church on July 12th at 8am,

we will arrive at the church between 4-5pm on Friday, July 16th.


The cost of the camp is $335 per student.


Deadline for registration is Wednesday, July 7th.

There will be Parent/ Student Meeting in the Sanctuary following the

11:30 am Service on July 11th.


It is imperative that you and your student attend this meeting. Just a reminder- many students have money available to them from fundraisers and are welcome to use it for this trip.


To register for NOW Youth Camp click the button below!


    •    Changes of clothes for 5 days.

    •    Swimsuit (No bikini's. You can wear a one piece or a tankini. Or a shirt over bikini. No speedos.)

    •    Spending money for merch and camp store

          (food is provided, we recommend no more than $50)

    •    Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, please!) 

    •    Towels (bath and beach) 

    •    Bedding, Pillows (twin size) 

    •    Any required medication 

    •    Bible and pens (Be ready to take notes) 

    •    No audio, headphones, or game devices of any kind. 


    •    Each attendee will refrain from any use of profanity. 

    •    Firearms, knives or weapon of ANY nature are prohibited. 

    •    Alcohol, drugs or any form of tobacco are prohibited.

    •    Dress in a modest manner, which exhibits Godly character. 

    •    Refrain from PDA (Yeah, you know! Public Display of Affection!) 

    •    Lights out at midnight!

    •    Physical or verbal altercations will not be tolerated. 

    •    Persons or groups responsible for the destruction of property will be

          responsible for replacement or repair cost of such property. 

    •    The use of possession of fireworks is prohibited. 

    •    There will be no shaving cream fights, water balloons or water guns

          permitted at any time.